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Braille Faces

The Braille Faces Mural created by HjyliMar Hinn and the Vision Loss Connections Tactile Art Group is now complete and installed. The Group received a Commission from the Artspace Mt. Baker Lofts Architects to create a Mural that will decorate the exterior of the new Artspace Building at 2915 Rainier Avenue S. Seattle WA 98144. The 3 Panel Mural spells the word ART in Giant Braille. The new building is adjacent to the Mount Baker Light Rail Station and will provide affordable housing and studio space for working artists.

Nine different Artists who are Blind and Low Vision have each constructed a large Braille dot out of clay and carved and sculpted a face on each Dot to reflect the diversity of Faces & People in the North Rainier Community. The 9 Dots in the Braille lettering are very large - each dot is twenty - one inches in diameter and six inches high. Each Braille Dot weighs over a hundred pounds in clay. This is perhaps the largest Braille Installation in the world, The 3 Panel Mural spelling ART can be easily seen by the passengers on the Light Rail Trains as they leave the Mount Baker Station.

The Clay Braille Faces were used as the models to build a mold that has been filled with fiberglass to create the finished mural that now decorates the outside of the new building. The Artspace Mt. Baker Lofts is close to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind and the Offices of the Washington State Department of Services for the Blind. We hope that it will be a wonderful way to promote the importance of Braille Literacy in our Blind Community. The mural also has in smaller format the Braille alphabet and words such as create & inspire in Braille.

We hope to inspire All to be in Touch with ART!

Click on a face for a larger image